About Us

B & C Values, Inc, established in 1999, distributes merchandise to discount and dollar stores across the United States.  B & C Values services over 300 customers coast to coast.

Whether you have 1 or 100 store locations, B & C Values is the distributor to call.  Let B & C Values do the buying, you focus on increasing profits.  We represent over 100 manufacturers.  Products are shipped directly to your store, and freight is prepaid by the manufacturer.

We sell general merchandise, including but not limited to candy, food, books, health and beauty, paper products and so much more.  We also carry closeout items and seasonal goods.  If making one phone call for your store needs interest you, and you want to increase your margins, you have waited too long to call B & C Values.

Check out our website for some of our more popular items, then call 847-395-5272.